Who We Are

At Urban Weeds, we’re not just a cannabis dispensary; we’re a passionate community committed to reshaping the narrative around cannabis, wellness, and community support. As one of the pioneering legal dispensaries in Queens, we’re on a mission to provide a unique and uplifting experience for our customers.


We curate a diverse selection of premium cannabis products designed to elevate your experience.

From carefully sourced flowers to delectable edibles, our offerings are crafted with quality and your experience in mind.


Beyond providing exceptional products, we're dedicated to fostering a culture of knowledge and responsible cannabis use.

Stay tuned for insightful content from industry experts, covering topics ranging from health benefits to breaking down stereotypes.


Every purchase at Urban Weeds directly benefits the non-profit organization Urban Upbound, supporting initiatives that empower and uplift our local community.

Your purchase supports employment services, financial counseling, youth services, college access, income-support, and affordable banking.

“Where cannabis meets community, and every interaction is an opportunity to grow.”


Why Choose Urban Weeds?

Your choice matters. By choosing Urban Weeds, you contribute to initiatives that create lasting change in the community through our support of Urban Upbound. Urban Upbound's mission is to break cycles of poverty in New York City public housing and other low-income neighborhoods.

We provide underserved youth and adults with the tools and resources needed to achieve economic prosperity and self-sufficiency through comprehensive, integrated programs:

  • Employment Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Financial Counseling and Affordable Housing
  • College Access and Youth Development
  • Tax Preparation and Income Support
  • Community Revitalization through Business Innovation
  • Financial Inclusion services anchored by the Urban Upbound Federal Credit Union

Urban Upbound, originally known as East River Development Alliance (ERDA), was co-founded in 2004 by Debra-Ellen Glickstein, a strong advocate of economic inclusion, and Bishop Mitchell Taylor, a lifelong resident of Queensbridge Houses, with the intention to develop high-quality services that address resident-identified needs. Since then, the organization has grown to serve thousands of youth and adults living in public housing and other low- and moderate-income neighborhoods annually.